Master of art in architecture EPFL

Polytechnic school of Lausanne Switzerland

Geraldine pratices  since 2007 on sustainable integrated designs from urban scale to the interiors.





  Efficient, balanced ventilation with the added

  benefit of heat recovery, is key to allowing for

  good indoor air quality and saving energy. In

  passive houses a minimum of 75% of the

  heat from the exhaust air is transferred into the

  fresh air again by means of a heat exchanger.

  Passivhaus certified heat recovery

  ventilation systems must provide the following



ƒ       ƒFresh air at all times of the day


ƒƒ      Clean air thanks to ultra-fine filters –

     invaluable for allergy sufferers


ƒƒ      Air supply at a comfortable temperature


ƒƒ      Air in habitable rooms untainted by odour or

     contaminants from wet rooms


ƒƒ      A constant supply of fresh air ensuring low

     levels of velocity with no draughts, cold

     spots or discomfort


ƒ      ƒLow levels of sound emission

ƒƒ      Energy savings of between 75% and 90%

Zehnder Heat Recovery and Ducting Systems - HRV - ERV