Ease of use makes straw bale ideal for owner builders if all recommended precautions are followed. A load-bearing frame is necessary to comply with local building codes and our Glulam structures are ideally suited for this purpose.


Straw bale has advantages as well as disadvantages compared to other materials:

· Low in embodied energy (apart from some renders)

· Use of natural resources and minimal use of manufactured products

· Good sound absorption

· Excellent insulation properties

· Low thermal mass (apart from render)

· Ability to "breathe"

· Easily worked (weight restriction)

· Flexibility in design/colour/surface finishes

· Medium weight, recommended for people with reasonable back and strength only

· Long lifespan only if protected from weather/moisture (moulds & rot)

· Prone to attract vermin if straw still contains seeds

Straw bale for non load bearing outside walls.